Rest API


Generally, the API URLs are analogous to the web interface URLs, but their suffixes and prefixes differ.

Comparison between URLs of web interface and API
URL web interface
URL API for JSON request

API URL structure
API root
URL Segments/<subreddit_filter>/<platform>/<subreddit_sort>/<postings_sort>/<postings_filter>/<comments>/<data_type>/<last_key>.<data_format>

Request props
<subreddit_filter>filter Subredditsstringlatin letters in lower case; URI, replace whitespace with %20; forbidden: _ and #; max length 30 characters
<platform>online platformredditcurrently only Reddit is supported
<subreddit_sort>sort criteria subredditsrelevance, popular, activity Subreddits sort options
<postings_sort>sort criteria postingsnew, hot, rising, top, controversialPostings sort options
<postings_filter>filter postingsstringlatin letters in lower case; URI, replace whitespace with %20; forbidden: _ and #; max length 30 characters
<comments>comments inclusioncommentsonly, withcomments, nocomments
<data_type>data typefeed, pointsee table below
<last_key>last evaluated key, timen, stringlast evaluated key from a previous query, formatted as base 32 of milliseconds since UNIX epoch;
see table below
<data_format>data formatjson, csv, xlsx

There are two types of data: <data_type> for a single point in time point or a time series of the last 200 readings feed. For each of these two types, either the most recent values can be retrieved with the suffix /n or a specified time range starting from the last evaluated key /<last_key>.

Single data point or time series feed: <data_type>, <last_key>
query typeURL Fragmentsdescriptionexample
Feed/feed/nretrieve the 200 newest sentiment values
/<last_key>retrieve 200 sentiment values, starting after a timestamp
Point/point/nretrieve the latest sentiment values
/<last_key>retrieve values of a certain point of time


  • The <last_key> is included in response Headers as X-Last-Evaluated-Key
  • Data structure of different <data_type>s is identical

Resonse types
200probably all ok
204request ok, but no data for this query

Response structure JSON
Time Retrievedtime_retrievedISO 8601 time string (UTC)
Limit not reached:n, otherwise: base 32 epoche timestring
Index IDindex_idIdentifier of a specific indicator configuration; analogous to the request URL, using first characters of sorting enums
Indicator datadataarray
data Time sentiment was measuredtimeISO 8601 time string (UTC)
Sentiment A scoresa_vfloat
Sentiment A standard deviationsa_dfloat
Sentiment A mediansa_mfloat
Sentiment B scoresb_vfloat
Sentiment B standard deviationsb_dfloat
Sentiment B mediansb_mfloat
Data pointsdpinteger
Number of Subreddits data were extracted from
Is botbotboolean
true for bot request, false for human request
Example JSON response of /point request
  "time_retrieved": "2023-10-23T02:37:26.159Z",
  "count": 0,
  "last_key": "1hd8p6can",
  "index_id": "msaidx:javascript:r:p:n:react:w",
  "data": [
      "time": "2023-10-21T09:31:22.839Z",
      "sa_v": 2.448264769196107,
      "sa_d": 5.815966592948507,
      "sa_m": 3.683261802575108,
      "sb_v": 2.1893821726872957,
      "sb_d": 1.8032012188732949,
      "sb_m": 7.729057017543861,
      "dp": 27,
      "bot": false
Example JSON response of /feed request, latest results /n
  "time_retrieved": "2023-10-23T05:00:51.081Z",
  "count": 3,
  "last_key": "n",
  "index_id": "msaidx:javascript:r:a:n:react:w",
  "data": [
      "time": "2023-10-23T05:00:43.706Z",
      "sa_v": 1.6153406659263088,
      "sa_d": 5.404872204097089,
      "sa_m": 2.328805073431242,
      "sb_v": 1.9664262575303402,
      "sb_d": 1.918531502717251,
      "sb_m": 3.8814285714285717,
      "dp": 26,
      "bot": false
      "time": "2023-10-22T06:02:11.688Z",
      "sa_v": 2.251535697659823,
      "sa_d": 5.294023297711982,
      "sa_m": 2.800413613146791,
      "sb_v": 2.1386080623433665,
      "sb_d": 1.6666954670612415,
      "sb_m": 4.787234042553192,
      "dp": 26,
      "bot": false
      "time": "2023-10-22T00:45:48.928Z",
      "sa_v": 2.19792442009423,
      "sa_d": 5.274765931735789,
      "sa_m": 2.7745614035087725,
      "sb_v": 2.137344208353603,
      "sb_d": 1.6693694081932489,
      "sb_m": 4.931173143138219,
      "dp": 25,
      "bot": false