Tech stack

  • Reddit API to retrieve data on Subreddits and postings
  • Remix, a fullstack web framework, based on React
  • Hosting and database on AWS; DynamoDB (NoSQL) as database
  • UI components and color palettes from Radix
  • Node-NLP which calculates the base values of indices
  • Charts are done with Chartist
  • To separate bots from other requests isbot is used

Change log

  • Oct 31, 2023: Init, live testing.
  • Nov 2, 2023:
    • Show toast message if quota for requests to the Reddit API has been exceeded. Don't write data as null, no record to DB for this case.
    • prefetch fonts.
  • Dec 10, 2023:
    • force SSL connection
    • Test run finished, reset database for clean re-start.